Balancing Act

I'm so lost in time.

Time seems to be a rare commodity for me. I'm struggling to find a balance in everything. Even sleep is a struggle. I have work, which is way crazier than before because I'm not even trained to do the job I'm doing, yet. To do that, I'll need to go to another store for six weeks.

School has gotten even more difficult, which means I need to put more time I into it.

Then I have the kids, which a lot of people think they take up time. Honestly, they're pretty easy and more of a relief.

But, then im supposed to sleep at some point. And I think hobbies are important. When am I supposed to do what I love?

Now, I'm seeing someone. Where do they fit in?

This is more stressful than when I was married to an angry and abusive bitch.

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