Finally Finished

I am so proud to announce that I graduated Full Sail with my associates in Creative Writing. I received the Advance Achievement award, Valedictorian, and had a GPA of 3.81. Not bad for an old high school schlub.

Now comes the next step. Finding a job that utilizes the degree. I have 6 months before they come after me for my student loans. I actually plan to re-enroll before then, anyway. I really want to finish out with my bachelors. I'd like to take more classes as well, but I may have to hold off on that for a good while.

I'm also working on my own writing again. Technically, I haven't written a single word, but I have an idea in my head that is driving me crazy. I'm doing this one right, however. I'm using everything I just spent the last year learning. Only makes sense. I'm also wanting to continue writing short stories and flash fiction. I really had a good time writing those.

I can once again say that I plan on updating this more often, but at this point, let's be honest, I may or may not hold true to that. We'll see. I do have a lot more time on my hands.

I hope everything is going as well for all of you as it seems to be for me. Until next time.

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