I Gotta Get Better At This

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

I've be paying every month for this site and yet finding time or motivation to use it has eluded me. Hopefully, things will get better. Or, I guess, I get better.

The world is changing. Both globally and personally. The pandemic seems to finally be getting it's ass beat. And I'm looking at a change in jobs. I'm also getting a story published in August. It's not going to be in a big magazine, but it is publication, nonetheless.

Personal life is less exciting. My children are running me ragged. Being single and managing everything in, not just my life, but theirs as well, is super draining. If it's not work (which is almost always work) it's the kids and if it's not them it's school. Squeezing in some "me" time is a chore. But when I do get time to enjoy what I want to enjoy, I focus on new movies, new shows, and sailing the seas on Sea of Thieves, still. On weekends I'm usually cramming everything in just so I can sail with my stream team. Which, if you use Twitch, look up VadaRay. She is our captain and is amazing. Usually when we're sailing she's hilarious because she has to somehow keep us focused while dealing with our antics. It's a ton of fun.

For television shows, it's been mostly staying up to date on Marvel shows. I'm not a huge Marvel fan, but WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier were great. And Loki seems like it's going to have some really awesome things going on as of episode 2. I've also been watching old episodes of Stargate SG-1 and will move through all of those series as I go on. Also, old Highlander the tv show. It's so much 90's goodness. And if not those, then I'm bingeing Superstore.

Lastly, movies. I'm not going to say much because it would be easier in a Podcast with Thom. But, man! HBO is a great buy. I got it, originally, because of Justice League Snyder Cut, kept it for King Kong vs Godzilla, and haven't gotten rid of it after Mortal Kombat. And all three of those movies... Oh my goodness! They were all amazing!

Again, I'm going to put a real focus on here as best I can, so hopefully, you can finally find entertainment here and I won't be wasting money each month on a comatose website. Until next time,


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