New Beginnings

Things are constantly changing for us. After months of saving and searching, me and the two kids have finally found us a place of our own. But there has been some hurdles. Past due bills and deposits have taken much of the money saved, leaving me scrounging for more and more money. I've emptied both my investement and retirement accounts, but I'm still coming up short. 2020 may have been the worst year of my life, but I'm still feeling the ripples from it.

I feel like I'm getting so close to finally having the life that I've always wanted for me and for my kids, but it just manages to remain slightly out of reach. The hardest part is just keeping my head up.

So, for a little bit of optimism, let me tell you what I've been working on. Thom and I have still been working on the podcast. While we haven't recorded any new episodes, we have been working on details. I'm working on getting more active on Instagram. The kids love taking pictures and I love showing them off, so it only makes sense. It's also a good place for me to share my adventures on video games. My main games, currently, are Sea of Thieves and Red Dead Redemption 2 still, but I do hope to get into some more. I really enjoy Elite Dangerous and hope to get into that hard and heavy.

A few months ago I removed all my stories from Wattpad. Lately, I've been considering putting some of my work back on there and basically using the site as a place for my practice writing. We'll see.

Well, I actually have a bunch of reading and home work that I need to finish by tomorrow night. (Tonight) So, be sure to look back at some of my stories that I still have on the site. Namely, Jak Quasar. I will be putting a couple of my other stories back, since I removed them and hopefully, I'll be adding some new ones in soon.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease


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