New Media Tools is Over

So, another class is complete. Technically this is the first, actual blog. The others have been mostly assignments for my New Media Tools class. But, since that class is now over, I'm going to actually use this page for what I want.

First, there's my series of Jak Quasar. A character and world that I've been building based on the old 50's pulp sci-fi stories. He's based off of characters like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers with adventures to match. It's meant to just be fun. But, it's something I've had rolling around in my head for a while. I would be further along in the story, but I started Full Sail shortly after I started and have really busy. However, if you sit tight and follow me on Wattpad, there are more adventures coming for Quasar and crew.

Next is my podcast. It is on a small hiatus due to kids, work, and other nondescript issues, BUT we are working on more episodes. We have been brainstorming new formats and topics for future episodes. Thom is determined to make me watch those scary movies for October still. I did watch a couple, but it's hard to watch horror flicks with a pretty little 5 year old around.

The last thing is my short stories I've been working on. I'm hoping to do ONE writing prompt a week. These are just excercises for me, but I'd love it if people wanted to write with me. So, I could post a prompt on one day, you can write your stories and send them to me, and then I'll post mine and maybe share one or two of my favorites.

I'm not the best writer, but I do have a good imagination. I've just refused to grow up. And having children only gave me an excuse to remain a kid. So if you feel like I'm a person you'd get along with and enjoy my stuff on here, then please, follow and share with me. In these rough times, friends seem to be a rare commodity. And we can use all the friends we can get.

Until next time, FRIENDS.

JD (Jerald Bowyer)

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