Some Game Time

What's up, everybody? Hope everyone is surviving this new year. I know I am, but I assure you, it's by the skin of my teeth sometimes. Things are really getting tight for me. Financially, everything is good. It really still comes down to time.

However, I have been trading in some sleep (and some study time) for video games. Specifically, Sea of Thieves. Every time I hop on there I spend hours just creating my own stories. There's no set objective and there's so many things to do or to happen to you.

The other game that I get sucked into is Red Dead Redemption 2. But not the single player story mode, but the online mode. I think my thing is the customizable characters in the two games. I really bond with my characters and i almost roleplay them in my head. Sometimes, with the right people, I actually roleplay the characters. Nothing like shouting "Yee-haw" or saying "Aarg" as you kill another player.

So, that's really been a blessing the last week or two. The next, hopeful, step is to record some podcast episodes. I know Thom has been craving it and I really have been. But, to be fair, I've been craving just watching those movies we like to review. Last night we found ourselves talking and qouting Starship Troopers, again. It seems to be a pastime.

I really hope everyone is doing ok. Be sure to check out the forum section. And if there's any games you think I should try be sure to tell me about them.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease

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