The Adventures of Captain Jak Quasar #1

Updated: Dec 4, 2020


Captain Jak Archibald Quasar. The name said aloud is like a beacon. Jak was a war hero in both the Battle for the Moon and the War of Sovereignty among the moons of Jupiter. When the Cosmo Soldiers of the Earth terrorist group, Grounded Reality, attempted to hold the Moon hostage and planted charges in the core; Jak went in with a squad of Space Rangers and took the crooked ring leader, Baron VR, out. And when the moons of Jupiter wanted to leave the Jupiter Alliance of Celestial Bodies, Jak figured out which ones it was, visited each, and brought them all back into the fold.

Jak was also a bit of a lady's man. He was a very well built gentleman. His brown hair was styled and comb over. Face was clean shaven. His Space Ranger uniform was clean and pressed. The red material shone and glittered against the light. The silver of the gloves, boots, and belt was polished with very few blemishes. He never goes out with the intent of meeting a woman, but he knew how he made women act. He found it entertaining and flattering.

Today is a special day. Jak Quasar was loading into a new nuclear-filtered, black matter charged rocket ship. He'd launched into space in test rockets before, but none with the intent of leaving our solar system. Today was a culmination of the Earthen government's greatest and brightest minds. Geniuses the globe over has worked together to create a craft capable of sustaining 5 inhabitants over long periods, can travel so fast that it will only take 3 days to reach Pluto, and, with proper time and information, can translate any alien life forms it comes into contact with.

Jak wasn't taking this mission alone. A commander is only as good as his crew and his was short and sweet. Commander Charles "Ducky" Mallard. True military man. He had a broad stature and coifed hair, the color of rust. They were to be joined by a utilibot. It, also, is a first of it's kind. They wouldn't know anything about him until they broke the atmosphere. That's when it would auto activate.

They were also being joined by a scientist assigned by the government of Earth. At the Saturn Station they would meet up with him and continue on their way. They knew the name was Doctor Simon Wire and that he had degrees in molecular engineering, geology, and nuclear fission, but knew very little else.

As Jak and Ducky laid on their backs, staring out at the sky past all the control boards, Jak couldn't have felt any happier than in this moment. This was the first time he was going to space for exploration and not for war.

"Begin launch sequence," came a familiar voice over the radio.

"Beginning launch sequence, Fred," replied Jak. The two men started hitting switches and turning gears. There was a loud roar. Their entire world starting to shake. It felt as if they would shake completely apart.

From over the radio, the voice of Fred started again.




"All systems are go for launch," said Ducky.



"This is it," stated Jak.



The force pushed the men back against their seats. They couldn't lift their hands to reach the control board if they needed to. The rocket began it's ascent to the stars.

"We have liftoff," said Fred. Behind his voice was the sound of applause. Everyone was watching. On the control board, a small screen flicked on. On it, Jak and Ducky could see crowds of people cheering for them. Small children with home made space helmets looked up to the sky. They smiled. They lived for this.

After a few moments, Fred came back, "Breaking atmosphere, now, gentlemen." The blue sky that filled the front facing window was now turning into blackness. The ship calmed down and the vacuum of space silenced the roar of the rocket thrusters.

Jak was finally able to take a breath, again. He remembered when those launches were all so special. People leave the planet like that a hundred times a day, but not for such an undertaking as the Quasar team was taking.

"Good job, fellas. We'll be able to maintain contact until you reach Jupiter. At that point, we will be handing you over to Saturn Station." Fred had been a friend to Jak and Duck for a long time. This mission was just as important to him as it was to them. He had the good fortune of avoiding all the danger, however. "Thanks, Fred. We're going to start double checking the manifest and supplies. We don't want to get too far without making sure we got everything," said Ducky. Jak unbuckled the straps keeping him down, started to float up, and said, "That's what the stop at Saturn's for. It's the last gas in a hundred miles." He chuckled. Ducky undid himself and floated up, "We should check for damages along the hull, as well."

Jak had floated over to a small closet space and pulled out a small bag of shiny instruments. "You are too worried, Duck. This ship was made for long range travel and all sorts of unknowns. It's highly unlikely we dented it just pulling out the drive."

Duck moved over to a clipboard hanging on the wall and unhooked it. He turned his body to face the opposite direction, planted his feet on the wall, and pushed off with his toes. It was just gentle enough to float over to Jak, where they grabbed each others forearms and came in closer. "I'm just trying to make sure this mission is not only a success, but that you come back a hero. Again." Jak and Ducky traded the bag and the clipboard. Jak was smiling inside his space suits large, bulbous helmet. "Duck. You know I don't mind sharing the spotlight with you. In fact, this time we can tell them you saved my life." The two men shoved off of on another and went to separate storage spaces. "I have been the one to save your life! And some of theirs! Look, I don't want fame. I live for each mission."

Jak began counting the packaged food rations while Ducky was counting the tools and instruments. "That's such a lonely way of living, Duck. I'd tell you you need to find a woman, but who know when we'll see another one of those."

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