This is Where We Start

Good evening to all of you who follow me! As it is already apparent, I have not done this site any justice like I wanted to. I have a couple of plans in place to fixing that.

First, this site was originally intended to be a blog and portfolio site for me and my career. Hence the name "jeraldbowyerwrites". Thing is, while I still want to use that url for my portfolio, this site is going to need a new url, because I'm bringing some people in with me. This is no longer going to be just my site. I'm going to make this a general site for our overall vision. You'll still be able to find my blog here, but there's also going to be some new stuff. We'll have a calender for everything we are doing, the forums are going to start getting used, and there's going to be an area for reviews and such. The biggest difference is that I'm not going to be doing this solo.

Second, the podcast is going to start coming back strong. There is a new episode posted today, but it's just me. Next week's will have more people attached so it doesn't sound like I'm talking to the wind. The amazing thing I like about Anchor as a podcast host is that you can record a message or question for us and we can put it in the next episode. So, it's highly encouraged for people to do that. It's all very simple to use as well. Along with the standard podcast of nerdy bs, there is a chance of other podcasts in the future. I have this idea of a show that isn't about just geek culture and the like, but is an actual discussion of the real world. There's a ton of fake news and ego in the world these days and I really feel that there is a loss of compassion. I'd like to host a show that talks about compassion within the world we're living in. There's another that I've discussed with a certain friend that pertains to mental health.

I've said it a few times here and I'm only reiterating it, we have big plans for doing comedy sketches. These will be sprinkled throughout everything, I think, and ultimately getting it's own collective outlet. I grew up listening to Bob and Tom on the radio and on the CD's that my dad owned and I would like to do something similar.

There's also a discussion of a podcast show of a table top rpg. We play all sorts and it usually ends up in some hilarious things. A lot of these shows, we would like to actually do videos of, as well, but it's waiting on me to get a camera or two (or three).

I haven't been too consistent on streaming. It's just difficult to do as a single dad. Especially with a very needy 6 year old girl, but even that's going to change soon. Not that she's going anywhere, I'm just working on time management. But, I am working on a few things to sort of open up my schedule.

This is just a start of where I plan on taking this. I mentioned a very special project in the most recent podcast and I don't intend on discussing that anywhere else. It's possible that it turns into a kickstarter project, but we'll see. As always, I hope everyone the best and I'll catch you all later.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease

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