What an Ending to 2021

Once again, I have dropped the ball on consistent blog posts and podcast episodes. I'm taking care of the blog currently, but the podcast is likely to only have me if I can't get time with the guys. Work and kids are such a pain to squeeze stuff around when it's just you. And that's how it is with Ira and I. I won't say that there's no work being done, but it hasn't made it to our public platforms just yet. In light of that, I'm going to share what we've done, watched, discussed, and what we've been working on. I'll also give some personal details about what I've been dealing with. Let's get started.

First, let's talk about what we've watched. Thom and I spent the holiday watching The Matrix, the new Cowboy Bebop live-action Netflix original along with The Witcher, and, of course, Spider-Man: No Way Home. I could go into detail about all of these, but I'm going to save that for a podcast. It's going to take a good minute to go over all of those and I definitely want to give Thom a chance to share his opinions. Ira hasn't seen any of those as far as I'm aware and he's avoiding spoilers, so he's not going to be in that conversation, but we'll recap with him whenever he gets a chance to check those shows out. Thom hasn't really seen much of the two Netflix shows anyway.

Next, we have been discussing a game to stream. The important thing about this is it's not important what we stream. We mostly just want to relax, goof off, and have fun. We've considered Eve Online (but Thom doesn't have access), Elite Dangerous, Sea of Thieves, Red Dead Redemption 2, Warframe, and a couple other titles that aren't too difficult to hang out on and play. This could also be a way for people to listen in and learn what we're up to. Especially with me being so terrible at updating the blog.

Also, we have been working on building a sci-fi world setting for a table top game. Right now, Ira has been fleshing out everything. He has the races, governments, some ship ideas, religions, and so much more. It's a slow process, currently, but we'll start really fleshing things out when we get our time issue handled. We're wanting to create an entirely new game system for it, but for the moment we'll probably use one that's already made, just to test the setting for now. I think the entire idea is really cool and interesting and gives the opportunity for so many different stories. This could turn out to be really big. We've started spitballing campaign scenarios and, quite frankly, there's some stories in this world that could go into it's own book seperate from the game and more in the overall lore.

There's possibilites in us recording or even streaming a tabletop campaign. We've all three been working on a few of those. If we can get a few more people involved we could actually start running one as soon as possible. Unfortunately, adulting sucks for that.

That's mostly what we've been up to. On a personal level now, I am up for a promotion at my job. That's been taking up most of my time. There were certain events that happened that really seperated me from Sea of Thieves this season and that really bothers me. Like a lot. It's not really anyones fault, but someone that I care deeply about really affected the game for me. I know I'll end up back on it eventually. Unfortunately again, I'll probably have to find another crew to stream with. It really breaks my heart, too. The whole situation did, honestly. It took a lot for me to move past it, but I'm starting to feel better about the situation. Still feels as if I lost a piece of myself, but time heals all wounds, right?

That pretty much sums up the past couple of months. I've been working on my personal writings, now that schools over with, so that's been cool, too. Although, it's way too early to share any of them. I'm hoping to get a couple podcasts completed in the next couple of weeks with either one or both of the guys, but I'm probably going to make a few solo episodes just to keep the ball rolling. Fingers crossed. I do hope everyone is safe and is surviving these crazy times. As always, feel free to use the forums on here or find me on social media. Preferably on Instgram and Twitter. Don't forget you can leave messages on our Anchor.fm page. We're going to test out Spotify Greenroom soon to see how well that works, but that would allow us to hold a live podcast show. Sounds really exciting, honestly.

I'll talk to you all again, soon

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease


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